monster guitar cable

The different options are the money on the planet on the best guitar and amp, however, you won’t get the best of the gear if you use a poor quality guitar lead. Exactly the same too if you use cheap patch cables. The reduced quality cables lead to signal loss and interference which makes for poor tone. I will let you know how by simply changing to higher cables you can improve your tone.

best guitar cable

A budget guitar cables you discover are normally made with alloy, tin and nickel, these are generally very poor at obtaining the guitar signal towards the amplifier. They’re prone to interference from other electrical items likes radios and poor electrical wires in the venue your are playing at. the is problem is created worse through the cheap insulation which lets the signals from these appliances to your leads and wreck havoc on playing the guitar signal.

The best guitar cables will have a solid insulation using a material that wont allow this interference in to the core from the cable. The task of the lead is to get the signal from your guitar towards the amp without anything any contamination, so you need a material that conducts electricity very well. The high end and studio spec guitar cables will be made from oxygen free copper or silver, each of which are wonderful conducting materials.

monster guitar cable

How do you know what cable fits your needs? The easiest way is to see your local guitar store and try them out. All of us have a different taste what exactly sounds good to me may not be the best for you personally, so you can’t really by on another person’s opinion. Find a similar guitar and amp to yours within the store or take your personal gear along with you to test the cables out. This way you can exercise what option is the best for you. The best thing is that you can spend around $25 or $30 and this can produce a massive difference to your guitar tone.

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